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  • Change is part of everyone’s life, whether personal, social or at work. I’ve been managing, teaching, coaching and mentoring people for over 25 years to help them make the changes they need to live the life they want. I love guiding people, groups and organizations respectfully and sensitively through change points.

    Jean GarrodIt’s so frustrating to get stuck during change points, when we may need guidance, support (or even a prod!) to help us achieve our goals.

    The change journey is different for everyone, so I’ve created a framework of tools and techniques that can be tailored to suit everybody’s journey through change.

    My working highlights include the National Policing Improvement Agency and its predecessors, University teaching, research, quality assurance and teaching 14-18 year olds.  I cherish time spent with those I love and enjoy walking (Fountains Abbey on a sunny day!), and artwork.  As part of my spiritual development, yoga, meditation and practising Reiki help get me back to serenity.