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  • I’m a third sector specialist, I have set up and run social enterprises and I have coached and mentored others to achieve their goals within the sector.

    I help people get ‘Unstuck’. I use Clean Language coaching techniques, so individuals are better able to examine what’s going on with them and discover alternatives they hadn’t thought of previously. I also use systemic modeling approaches so individuals can better understand the influences and barriers or blockages around them.

    I have practiced mindfulness and meditation for several years and am now a registered teacher of mindfulness. I love this new part of my life’s work, to teach this life skill to others at whatever stage in their life is such a privilege.

    I currently specialize in coaching children and young people, teaching them mindfulness and meditation while building their confidence and self-esteem. I have been humbled by the success and heartfelt thankyou’s of the young people and their family members.

    I’m a registered Social Auditor, which means I help organizations identify their social value, plan for more social value, gather evidence of their social value and embed the processes they need to measure, track and report on their social value. This is always a valuable learning experience for everyone involved and can transform how an enterprise operates and engages with all stakeholders.

    Being a mum is something I cherish hugely, along with spending time with family and friends, singing, meditation, listening to music, reading, personal development, going to concerts and the theatre.