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  • Are you struggling with recruiting or retaining talent? Do you have employees that you know aren’t performing to their best potential? Have you attempted to recruit a more diverse workforce, but had limited success? If so, I’d be delighted to help you.

    With 18 years’ workforce development experience, I have helped to set up and run employee engagement and equality and diversity programmes with a broad range of organisations. Successes include the award-winning Foundation Placement Scheme, a positive action initiative for the media sector and a Foundation Degree in Contact Centres with Huddersfield University, which has also formed the basis of a bespoke programme for Royal Mail.

    My Mastermind subjects are leadership development (women and BME employees) and the Equality Act 2010, with a particular focus on Mental Health and Stress Absence Management. I have a range of tools and techniques to support your organisation. These include my Be (You) growth mindset modules, executive 1:2:1 coaching and/or mentoring. I have a network of talented Associates to support larger programmes.

    Why I focus on equality and diversity

    I dream of world that is inclusive and fair. This dream forms the basis of all my life decisions. I want people to feel content and to have the tools to help them navigate their lives, whether that be at home, at work or in communities. Most of all, I want them to feel that they are ‘enough’ – that they have a voice and a valuable contribution to make.

    Despite being confident and socially well connected, I personally experienced imposter syndrome in the past, despite being an expert in equality and workforce development and an international public speaker. I finally got rid of it after leading a high profile social justice campaign that gained attention from global media, MPs and even Richard Branson.

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    Alongside my growth mindset programmes, I’ve created a movement called ‘Inspiring Women Changemakers’ for women who long to make a positive social impact. My personal passion is working to put a stop to gender-based violence.

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