Learning Mindfulness Techniques

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    By Bernadette Speight As some of you may already know my mindfulness practice has been a ROCK for me over the past 18 months going through cancer treatment. Mindfulness is an extremely useful life skill that has been proven to enhance feelings of well-being and performance. It involves learning to focus on our experience as it […]

    The Positive Reality of Limb Difference

    By Elizabeth Wright I have to admit to being quite shocked when my parents told me, only a few years ago, that the doctor had offered to abort me when mum was a few months into her pregnancy. Mum was told “perhaps you are a little to old to be having a child now” (mum […]

    Effective public speaking – how to keep your audience hooked

    By Anj Handa Although I’m an experienced public speaker, it’s always useful to learn new skills, so I was delighted to be invited to meet Chris Davison, public speaking coach and author of Hear and Now book.  In his book, he states: “Nearly three quarters of American women – and over a half of British […]

    What you really need to consider when preparing your bid

    By Anj Handa To write an effective bid, you should understand the needs of the funder and consult any guidance documentation or supporting resources that are available. It’s fundamental. Last month, I wrote a blog entitled  ‘Five Tips to Make your Bids Stand Out‘ which provided some general advice. In this blog, I will drill down into […]

    Change Management: How to introduce change effectively

    Change is unavoidable. It’s a fact of life, whether in your business or your private life. Different people respond in different ways, often surprising you with their range of (sometimes extreme) emotions. I believe that people’s attitude to change is similar to the adoption bell curve, with innovators, early adopters, an early majority, a late […]

    Mentoring: Identifying the biggest barriers to success

      By Anj Handa Over the last fortnight, I’ve had the privilege of speaking at number of conferences. These include ‘Women Breaking Barriers’ at Leeds University Law School; ‘Real Lives, Breaking Barriers’ in Bradford; two ‘Women in Broadband’ Mentoring events and a Women in Business North Leeds meeting. I’ve also been inspired by others. I’ve been lucky […]

    Connecting – the Power of Relationships

    By Anj Handa Connecting… Even our name People Help People came about as a result of Vivienne’s ability to join up the dots. It came to her in a lightbulb moment in the summer of 2013, so she created a LinkedIn group with the strapline ‘Connecting Businesses and Communities.’ Vivienne and I have been friends and […]

    Holding the Vision

    “You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will be as one” Imagine – John Lennon By Vivienne Duke I’ve always been a pretty visionary person…some would say (and have!!!) a dreamer. More and more over recent years I have realised just […]

    Flow of life

      By Jean Garrod Flow… In the summer of 2016 I will (I hope) achieve a (significant!) birthday milestone: you know, one of those ending with a zero.  As I approached my seventh birthday, I remember thinking that, “When I’m seven, I will know EVERYTHING!”  Surprisingly, that didn’t happen! At 20, I breathed a sign […]

    Mindfulness mindset – how it can help you to embrace change

    By Bernadette Speight Timing, timing, timing is so important in so many spheres, music, comedy, sport. In fact, every kind of performance and every ‘key’ moment in life is influenced by timing. We can all remember certain times in our life for meeting those people who ‘touch and change’ our lives, maybe we also remember […]