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  • What does engagement mean? We think it’s simple!

    People want to be a part of something useful, valuable, and bigger than themselves. Engagement is about helping them to understand the role they play, how they can fit in and contribute towards making a positive difference – whether it’s in education, work or in their community.

    When we are well, we’re able to enjoy life and we are able to make better life choices. Our wellbeing impacts the way we think and feel about ourselves and others; resilience builds our confidence and our feeling of being in control.

    Positive psychology and the positive impact it can have on people professionally, as well as personally, has been gaining increasing attention. Studies have shown that the more socially connected people are, the better they perform in all areas of their life.

    The People Help People team are skilled coaches with a range of experience of different wellbeing and resilience practices – from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Mental Health First Aid to Clean Language coaching. We bridge the gap from traditional personal development techniques to deeper approaches.

    We have a vision to help people find their connection to their wise inner self. We want to ignite people and see them transform into the superheroes that they are – whatever their age or occupation.

    We can help organisations to improve employee engagement and wellbeing and offer a range of bespoke services; from focus groups, to facilitated workshops, to coaching. We also offer Mindfulness in Primary Schools – Bernadette is currently the only accredited Paws .b teacher in Yorkshire. Please contact us for an informal discussion.