Building Social Value Programme

The Drivers for Social Value

Many businesses view delivering and evidencing social value as a positive way to gain competitive advantage and a way to add value through procurement. You can achieve these benefits through planning for social value in your activities; through enhanced stakeholder relationships to jointly produce social value; and through engagement with community organisations.

It’s not just for large businesses! We know that SMEs also wish to increase their social impact and to demonstrate it – to customers, to procurers, and to other businesses that seek to develop more socially responsible supply chains.

Building Social Value Programme

For this reason, we’ve developed the Building Social Value Programme. Through the Programme, we will enable organisations to promote, support and drive change in order to build social value in their communities. We will guide you along a journey of continuous improvement that starts with assessment, based on the size and nature of your organisation; and we will help you to build and embed the process and procedures for capturing the social value you’ve created – on an ongoing basis. 

Our Diagnostic Tool provides the framework for you to identify, develop, record and report on your enhancement of social capital based on Key Performance Indicators in the key areas listed below.

Alongside the Programme, we offer a range of bespoke workshops, training and consultancy services, delivered by our expert team and trusted Associates. We will also support you through brokering relationships with community-based organisations, both through our own network and through signposting. We’re here to help you!

Key Areas

Building Social Value Programme

  • Governance
  • Employee Inclusion
  • Customer Inclusion
  • Supplier Inclusion
  • Community Inclusion
  • Environmental Citizen



Being out in front of the Public Services (Social Value) Act’s requirements will actually help you:

  • Gain a competitive advantage if you are in the private sector
  • Bring opportunities for growth if you are a third sector organisation
  • Manage procurement and commissioning requirements if you are in the public sector
  • Improve your business’ resilience
  • Create stronger relationships with your customers and suppliers and within your communities


Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s a testimonial.

“Aspire-igen worked with People help People in order to gain a better understanding of the contribution our organisation makes to both the communities we serve and the local and regional economies.

We always knew that we played a very important role, but People Help People have helped us to draw that first line in the sand. From this starting point, they have showed us how to measure our social value, and then produced our very first Social Value Report, supported by a comprehensive set of Case Studies, which really help bring our work to life.

We hope to work with them in the future, drawing on their expertise to develop the systems necessary to enable us to capture data which demonstrates our maximum impact. Thank you.”