Be (You) – Growth Mindset Programme for Aspiring Female Leaders

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  • Be (You) – Growth Mindset Programme for Aspiring Female Leaders
  • Are you struggling to develop and retain female leaders? You’re not alone. High performing organisations know that diverse businesses deliver up to 35% better results, but there is a leaking pipeline of female talent and quotas for FTSE 100 Boards have been set.

    If you’re reading this, you understand there’s an issue. You may have commissioned reports and surveys… which have told you what you already know! The talent pool is shrinking; you want to attract and retain the best women; and yet smart, creative women continue to be under-represented. It frustrates me that the dialogue on equality and diversity hasn’t changed significantly, and that the problem appears to be getting worse.

    Not only that, but I’ve seen many women at a senior level shoehorn themselves into an image of how professional women should dress and act. By suppressing their true selves, there’s a risk that their innate skills – empathy, flexibility, creativity and intuition – are underplayed in the workplace.

    Without exception, every women I know that works at senior level shares a common attribute: inner strength. Directorships remain largely a man’s world and it takes a certain kind of woman willing to operate in that space.

    Standard executive development courses or positive action alone won’t solve this issue. Women’s barriers to progress are diverse (read my article about why 1 in 3 women feel disadvantaged at work). The particular issues that ethnic minority women face add another layer to this complex picture.

    Organisations tend not to be aware of the internal challenges their female employees face, but by investing in their resilience, they will be able to develop their own highly effective female leaders. Be (You) addresses this gap.

    Be (You)

    Be (You) is a modular growth mindset programme for professional women at Associate/Manager level who are aspiring to senior leadership roles. It combines high quality executive development techniques with deeper self-directed work.

    Modules include:

    • Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence
    • Resilience to Change
    • Releasing Self-limiting Beliefs
      Values and Goal Setting
    • Mindfulness
    • Personal Branding and Authentic Communication

    Be (You) workshops are held in a peer group setting, with the option for 1:1 coaching. During the sessions, exercises are undertaken privately by the individual. Group discussions centre around anonymised case studies and my personal experiences.

    As an experienced Board member who happens to be female, of an ethnic minority background and often younger than my Board counterparts, I’ve had to seek the tools to build my own resilience. I’ve combined 13 years’ experience of advising organisations on equality and workforce development with extensive research into coaching tools and techniques to create Be (You) – so that other female leaders can benefit from the support that I lacked.

    I have facilitated successful programmes such as the award-winning Foundation Placement Scheme for the media sector and a Foundation Degree in Contact Centres with Huddersfield University, which has also formed the basis of a bespoke programme for Royal Mail. Along with a team of specialist Associates, I help to develop and keep the women that add value to your organisation.

    Download the flyer for Be (You).


    “I have known Anj for a number of years in a business context.

    She is an excellent example of a woman in business who acts as, and is treated as, an equal, without losing the feminine touch.

    She has loads of credibility with other business people with whom I work.”
    Director, BT