• You want to improve your reputation, as well as your bottom line;

• You’re missing out on opportunities – business or personal – because you’re not effectively conveying the great things you do;

• You want to connect more authentically with people: your customers, employees and other stakeholders.

You have good intentions, but get stuck when it comes to communicating your impact…and it’s holding you back…

• Because you’re drowning in paperwork and don’t know where to start – it feels a bit difficult;

• And your people aren’t engaged, but you’re not clear why there is a disconnect.

Is that you? If so, read on.

We want to help you grow.
We’re all about engagement, uplifting people through our workplace and wellbeing solutions.

Engaging your Stakeholders

Measuring and Building Social Value

Engaging your People

Developing Wellbeing and Resilience

Engaging your Communities

Connecting Businesses and Communities

We know that collaboration and co-operation promotes growth – we model it within our own business!

We help you to measure and build on your social impact through easy-peasy templates and coaching through our Building Social Value programme; and advise you how to communicate this more effectively to your stakeholders.

We also know that people are better placed to help others when they feel resilient themselves, so we offer a range of stakeholder engagement and wellbeing services to support them, such as Mindfulness, focus groups and events.

And finally, because we love to help others, we donate at least 10% of our time, money and expertise to causes that we are concerned about.